THE BIBLE is the verbally (every word) and plenary (complete) inspired Word of God. It is our only rule of faith and practice. The KJV is used in all classes, ministries  and preached from the Pulpit.

MAN was made in the image of God by special creation and has not evolved from some lower form of animal. He willfully sinned against God and thereby incurred spiritual and physical death. He is a sinner by birth and by choice.

JESUS CHRIST was God come in the flesh, born of a virgin, crucified on the cross for all men, buried and arose again the third day.

SALVATION is a gift of God. All men need to be saved and are totally helpless to save themselves. Men must be saved by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their own personal Savior from sin and hell.


THE LOCAL CHURCH is a body of baptized believers assembled for worship and service, and commissioned to take the Gospel into all the world. It is God’s established institution for this age thru which all of His work is to be accomplished.

HEAVEN is a prepared place only for those who have taken Christ as their Savior. It is a literal place for all of the redeemed.

HELL is a lake of fire prepared by God for the Devil and his angels plus all who died without Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

is a most important characteristic of true Christians. They ought to be clean morally and personally guided by the Bible in all things. While allowing for religious freedom of all people. Christians ought not to be organized with groups not of like faith.